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Leo woman personality traits and characteristics

Behind all the aggression, ego and other domineering personality traits of a Leo lies a sensitive heart which cares for the dear ones. Leos take pride in protecting their close ones and would do so with all the energy and wit they possess. It is observed that the bossy exterior of Leos often eclipses their sensitive nature. Male Leo Attributes. Share This. Leo and Taurus Compatibility. Leo and Gemini Compatibility. Aries Man and Leo Woman. Leo Man and Aquarius Woman Compatibility.

Leo traits

Traits of a Leo Man. Aries Woman and Leo Man Compatibility.

Leo woman questions

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Leo Woman: Characteristics and Personality Traits of Leo Female

Pisces Man in Love. Understanding a Capricorn Male's Behavior. Some of those traits have to do with an overblown sense of self. Leo says, "Who do you think you're dealing with? That's when you see Sun Leo acting high and mighty, and belittling those they see as beneath them. This is the patron who sends back her latte a few times for being not quite hot enough.

At the same time, they try to knock up and comes down a peg. Leos are known to be generous, but they're also very competitive. A dark side Leo trait is schadenfreude —smiling inside when others are down on their luck.

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It's worse when they act like they're sorry, and it's over-the-top insincere. Leos throw temper tantrums, especially if they feel dissed. If you've fallen out of favor with a Leo, by insulting them in some way, it's often a permanent banishment type scenario. The Lion is proud, so a dark side trait takes that to the extreme—arrogance, vanity, self-absorption. A dark behavior then is not being able to cop to mistakes and adjust the course, even if it's doomed. What does it mean?

It's when you hold to something, like an idea or goal, out of stubborn pride. You don't want to admit that others are right, or that you've created a mess.

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Leo is a fixed sign , that holds the course, and this makes them high-achievers. But Leos are often also accused of having little self-reflection. Leo individuals are best in a one-to-one friendship where their ego is less likely to intrude upon the relationship. Leos need to be brought down to earth at times.

Leo explained - All About the zodiac sun sign Leo!

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